Elaine Aiken

Elaine Aiken was the Founding Director of Actors Conservatory. Elaine founded the school in order to develop fine actors through sense memory techniques. Elaine also served as the Artistic Director of Private In Public, the not-for-profit theatrical organization that operates within the Conservatory. Ms. Aiken began training with Lee Strasberg in 1952 and was made a member of the Actors Studio in 1954. After appearing on Broadway, on television, and in major motion pictures, Ms. Aiken returned to the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute. She founded Actors Conservatory in 1987. Although Elaine is no longer with us, her influence is felt in everything that Actors Conservatory teaches. “Elaine Aiken had a generosity of spirit that enabled her to probe into each actor’s strengths and weaknesses and help them to confront that part of themselves which would open up their acting abilities. The work that was Elaine Aiken’s life is continued at Actors Conservatory by her long time associate, Lily Lodge.” – Alec Baldwin